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Dissertations are an elongated educational document that the students have to submit in their academic year. Without it, the degree that they get will not be completed as these are an obligatory part of education. The use of dissertations is to certify that the students have learnt throughout the course and now they are ready for all the challenges that arise. The bitter fact is that a student indeed learns throughout the educational time but making this dissertation, which is very very hectic and lengthy is for sure a trouble for some students, as it demands time and energy, which obviously the students are incapable of pooling in, as they have other chores to do. It is true that orally if the students are asked they are ready to answer everything but it is very annoying for the students when they are told to put them into words and make a dissertation. There are dissertation topics that are usually given by the investigator or the teacher, but if you have a good idea and want to wri