5 Top Apps to Watch TV Channels on Android without Subscription

TV Channels on Android
Gone were the days when you had to sit in front of your TV to watch your favourite TV programs. Nowadays, this trend is changing day by day because people don’t have enough time to sit in front of the TV. That’s why the internet has become a new TV. For this reason, developers have made lots of apps and with the help of these apps, it is possible for you to watch your favourite TV shows in any country. With the help of these TV apps, it is not only possible for us to watch our favourite TV programs on the go but these apps are also helpful to us to cut down our monthly TV charges. Here, experts of dissertation editing services will discuss 5 TV apps that are helpful to you to watch TV channels on androids without a subscription.

UKTVNow app:
If you are living in top tier countries like UK, USA and Canada, this online app is the best app for you to watch TV online. You can watch live streaming of TV channels from 9 categories and from 10 different countries. With the help of this app, it is possible for you to enjoy more than 150+ TV channels and these TV channels have different categories like entertainment, news and documentary etc. Another quality of this app is that this app is freely available for users and users never face problems of in-app purchases. Moreover, users also find it easy to use this app because you can watch different TV channels without subscription. Along with android, you can also use this TV app on some other devices like iOS, ChromeCast and Firestick etc. There are also some key features of this app like users find it easy to use this app, its buffering speed is mind-blowing, you can schedule your favourite videos for later use and there is no need to you to register on this app.

Mobdro app:
Mobdro is also an essential app for android users that is helpful for them to live stream different TV channels. The most important feature of this app is that it has a movie download feature too. There are different categories of TV channels on this app but TV shows are known as the best category on this app. Like UKTVNow app, all the features of this app are also freely available for users. The development team of this app is very efficient and they try to bring some new updates on a regular basis. Like android users, this app is also available for Kodi, Windows and Firestick users. It is a fact that this app shows ads to their users but if you use APK version of this app, it will be easy for you to get rid of these ads. The users can enjoy live streaming of almost 200+ TV channels on this app. During live streaming, it will also provide you with an opportunity to set excellent bug fixes.

Live Net TV:
The Live Net TV app supports live streaming of different channels. The most important fact about this app is that it has huge traffic but it is still providing the best live streaming to users. This app is describing the motto of their developers. The aim of its developers is that their app should provide trusted live streaming facilities to their users. An interesting feature of this app which distinguishes it from other apps is that you can request your favourite TV channel. After receiving your request, they will try to add your TV channel as soon as possible. For this reason, they have created a menu under the name of ‘Channel Request’. You can click on this menu and type the name of your favourite channel. This app is supported on android, iOS and Kodi etc. There are lots of features of this app like it has an attractive interface, you can schedule live streaming for your favourite programs, along with English channels, it also provides a chance to users to add some other channels like Punjabi channels and Nepali channels etc and it also provides a chance to users to use an option of New Favorites Tabs for the purpose of amazing live streaming.

In the USA, USTVNOW is known as the most used TV app. Its reason is that USTVNOW has a great user interface for US users. As we know that the US is known as a major audience and that’s why this app is providing top-notch content to US users. Most of the US users like to watch a documentary and information channels on this app. Some other channels that are mostly watched on this app are BBC and CNN. An amazing feature of this app is that you can easily update content on this app and you can save this updated content for the later watch list. It provides an option of ‘Mark Your Favorite Channels’. With the help of this option, you can mark your favourite channels and you can get notifications of their favourite programs. The developers of this app also regularly update this app and they also try to fix all the bugs.

Hulu TV app:
Hulu TV App is also known as TV for the next generation. Its reason is that it is offering lots of content to their users like TV shows, news and entertainment etc. The most important benefit of this TV app is that it will not disturb to their users by using conventional ads. This TV app is not only compatible for android users but it is also compatible with iOS, PC and Kodi users etc. Some essential features of this app are that you can enjoy lots of comedy programs, you can easily find such movies that are interesting to you and you can also save your favourite programs for later use.

All of these apps are freely available to users. The users can easily watch their favourite programs on these apps without a subscription. Along with these apps, users can also use JioTV and SonyLiv. Its reason is that JioTV is providing live streaming of almost 600+ channels to its users.


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