How To Optimize Blog Posts For SEO

Blog posts optimization is the best technique to make your blog posts SEO friendly and to rank your posts on the first page of Google. Due to the lack of blog posts optimization skills and knowledge; almost 60% of bloggers are not able to get traffic from organic sources. As a blogger, if you want to get success in the blogging field, you should be a master of blog posts optimization. Blog posts optimization is not a difficult task.

How To Optimize Blog Posts For SEO

You can easily do blog posts optimization by following these simple tips;

1) Do your research

Keyword research is an essential step of on-page SEO for your blog post. In order to create an SEO friendly blog post, it is necessary for you to add some keywords relevant to your topic. Now, the problem is how to find these relevant keywords. There are lots of online tools available on the internet which are providing a clear idea about possible keywords relevant to your topic. To my extent, Google Adwords Keyword Tool and are the best keyword research tools.

2) Utilize keywords throughout your post

After finding some targeted keywords for your blog post, you should try to use these keywords in your post in a human way. The best places to add keywords in your blog post are the title, headings, sub-headings, meta description, introductory paragraph, concluding paragraph, anchor texts and title tags etc. While utilizing keywords in your blog post, you should make sure that you are not doing keyword stuffing. Due to keyword stuffing, you will be penalized from Google.

3) Optimize your images

In order to make your blog posts SEO friendly, you will have to add some relevant images. While uploading images to your blog post, you should make sure that you have included the keyword in the file name and you have also filled the alternate text field with the help of such description which contains the keyword.

4) Reference others with links

In your blog post, you should include the links of some other blog posts that are relevant to your topic. This kind of linking can also make your blog post more SEO friendly. If you have placed a link of a particular blog post in your blog post, there is a possibility that the owner of this blog post may also provide a link to your blog post on his website.

5) Use social media to broaden the reach of your blog posts

As we know that almost all people have their accounts on different social media sites. Most of the people are also promoting their business on these social media sites. Therefore, after uploading a blog post, you should also try to share it on these social media sites in order to get views for your blog post. These social signals can also increase the SEO of your traffic.


In order to create SEO optimized blog post, you should conduct effective research, you should utilize keyword throughout your post and you should add some links into your blog post. After uploading it, you should try to give some social signals.


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