Content Marketing Strategy 2019

Content marketing is becoming the best way to attract and convert people into their customers. There are lots of benefits of content marketing strategy like it can build trust about your brands, its cost is less than other content marketing strategies and it can also increase the SEO of a company’s website.

Content marketing has become one of the most important marketing techniques for businesses to grab the attention of the customers towards their products or services. It is estimated that almost 78% of people are interested to know about the features of a company by reading articles rather than by seeing ads. It is also estimated that it is the belief of more than 70% people that if a company is providing the best quality content to them, it means that its aim is to build a relationship of friendship and trust with the customers. In short, we can say that content marketing is becoming the best way to attract and convert people into their customers.

Content Marketing Strategy

We are using content marketing strategy from several years but in 2010, this concept has gained incredible popularity in the field of marketing. The process in which we create, publish and distribute the content to the targeted audience is known as content marketing. The businessmen are using content marketing strategy for various purposes like they are attracting the attention of the customers, they are generating new leads in their companies, they are increasing the online sales of their products and they are creating awareness among the people about the credibility of their products and services. The companies are also getting loyalty for their brands with the help of content marketing. To sum up, we can say that content marketing has become a cause of creating rapport and trust with the audience members.

Tips to do content marketing

To grow your business with the help of content marketing requires efforts. Therefore, to do content marketing, you will have to follow a plan and outline. Some essential tips to do content marketing are given below;

1) Set your mission and goals

The first and the most important step to set your content marketing strategy is to set a mission statement for content marketing. This mission statement will provide you with an idea of what is important to you to create such a content marketing strategy that follows the right track. In the content marketing mission statement, you will have to take an overview of the targeted audience, type of content and possible benefits of content marketing.

2) Establish your KPIs

KPI stands for key performance indicators. For an effective content marketing strategy, you should get an idea about these indicators and try to make sure that these indicators should be specific and measurable. Some essential KPIs of content marketing strategy is what is the target revenue on a monthly and annual basis, how to get more and more signups, how to get new email subscribers and how to boost up your sales by improving the search engine optimization of your website.

3) Know your audience

It is also a fact that different types of audience members like different types of content. Therefore, before doing content marketing, you should also get an idea about your audience members. After getting an idea about the audience members, you will be able to create the right content for the right people. You should gather information about the age, gender, education, and income of the audience members.

4) Assess your current position

It is a fact that if you are running a company which is manufacturing the products for the local use of your country, your targeted audience should be the residents of your country. Therefore, you should try to create and publish such content that is interesting and intriguing for them. Moreover, you can also create content in your local language too.

Benefits of content marketing

Content marketing is helpful for a company in various ways like it can engage the audience members and it can also build trust and relationship with the audience members. Some benefits of content marketing are explained below;

  1. Content marketing is helpful for a company to build trust and loyalty about its brand. Well researched content means that your business is authoritative and authentic and the audience members will get enough information about the products and services of your company.
  2. There are some audience members who are using ad blockers and you will not be able to promote your business to them with the help of running ads. Under such situation, content marketing is the best strategy to promote your products and services.
  3. The cost of the content marketing strategy is lower than other marketing strategies.
  4. Content marketing strategy is also helpful for us to improve the SEO of a website.


The way of promoting your products and services by publishing content is known as content marketing. One can easily do content marketing by setting the goals and missions of a company, by establishing the KPIs of a company, by knowing the audience members and by assessing your current position. There are lots of benefits of content marketing strategy like it can build trust about your brands, its cost is less than other content marketing strategies and it can also increase the SEO of a company’s website.


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