Google Teams up with H&M to Make Dresses Based on Your Personal Data

Google to Make Dress
H&M is one of the most renowned and popular fashion houses in the market that offer best range of clothing for men, women and children as well as home apparel at the most affordable rates. Since a number of years, H&M has become a big name for people who want to dress smartly in clothes that are good to look and comfortable to wear. With its quality designs and good customer care, H&M has made a name for itself in the market and this has encouraged the brand to move one step further and do something more for its customers. Now it has teamed up with Google to come up with something new; it will be helping to make dresses based on the personal data of the people who will be wearing that particular dress.

Now H&M is ready to become your personal designer and all you need to become a good designer is your smartphone. You just need the android app that collects information and data about your designs and preferences and comes up with a personalized garment for them. it is a part of the Coded Couture project that has been initiated by Ivyrevel. According to the co-founder of Ivyrevel Aleksandar Subosic, they are about to bring a big change in the fashion industry by bringing in the personality of the customers into the design process with help of the data technology which enables the women from all over the world to order a dress that has been made entirely from the way that is reflective of the way they live their lives.

The best thing about this Data Dress app is that it is very simple and easy to use and it uses the Google's Snapshot API that allows an app to passively monitor a user’s daily activity and lifestyle and see the progress. It collects all the information such as the location of the user, the type of activities that interests the users and other movements like walking, sitting or running and the weather of the area where the user lives and based on this, the dress app is able to design a dress for the user.

All the user needs to do is to carry around their smartphone with them for at least a week so that the app gets a chance to learn more about the lifestyle and design unique Ivyrevel dress with help of Google technology. The best thing about this app is that it will help to create a dress that has a unique patter and has personalized features like material of the dress and silhouette to embroidery details using the story captured by the app. Once the dress has been prepared, this will be ready for purchase via Ivyrevel. This app is currently in a closed alpha stage where it is being tested by influencers around the world including the Ivyrevel's co-founder and fashion blogger KenzaZouiten so that once it is introduced to the general public, it only gets them the best and most satisfactory results.

Google is always coming up with something new and better to offer to it users and teaming up with H&M group to come up with custom and preferred choice of clothing is something that has not been worked out by any other clothing giant yet. The two companies are working hard together in order to come up with an android app that will keep a track of where the users go and what type of clothing they prefer and come up with formal and casual outfits according to the data that is collected. With help of Ivyrevel, Google and H&M will be coming up with an individualized “data dress” users would love to buy.

There have been many questions about how exactly will the dress visualize data and if it will really work out the best way or not. These things are not very clear at this stage but based on the images and the details that have been provided by the people working on this app, it seems that the dress will be fitted for formal or casual occasions and then details on it will be attributed to certain things. it is because it is cold in certain parts of the world and for them it will be made in velvet and where the weather is warm or hot, it will be made it some other material suitable to that place. The users will have to have a liberal interpretation of data and use their imagination liberally in order to come up with the best dress to suit their mood, weather and occasion.

According to a recent study by a PhD dissertation writing services provider, The Academic Papers UK, Google is very excited about the app and says that will be something to look forward to and it relies on Google’s Awareness API that makes use of all the sensors on the phone. It is capable of detecting if a person is walking or driving, it picks up on nearby Bluetooth beacons, knows whether headphones are plugged in, detects exact location, and remembers weather conditions. It might seem creepy as someone is constantly keeping tabs on your but you will have to give up on the privacy and let the app collect your data if you want a customized dress without doing anything on your own.

Google and H&M have been working on this app for some time now and they are confident that once they launch this app in the market, it will be received fairly well by the people, especially those who love to dress up. With the choice of material, look and other aspects of accessories in the users’ hand, it will be fun for them to create a dress that will fit them and help them look their best. With help of Google, H&M is looking forward to bring a revolution in the design industry and it will be interesting to see how people are going to dress themselves by using an app and what type of clothing we will be seeing in future.

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