What Makes Teachers Burnout?

Teacher burnout is not a new problem; however, teacher burnout leads to teacher attrition. Teacher burnout is a problem that affects school districts nationwide, because, the financial and academic toll has on education. The teaching profession is very stressful. Teacher burnout is epidemic and it is the direct cause of sad statistics. Fifty-five percent of U.S. teachers reported that their morale was low. If you want to write an essay on teacher’s burn out, you can get help from experts of dissertation proposal writing services.

Teacher burnout problems and resilience
It is a huge proponent that is based on thinking and building resilience in educators. It is most important to understand the causes of teacher burn problem. By having information about this problem, we can keep an eye to the strategies that are helpful to solve this problem. The information is most valuable to reverse teacher burnout and increase resilience. Teachers’ burnout is a huge problem that should be checked strictly. Teacher burnout is not a problem that can be solved in isolation, so we must raise awareness of the causes outside of the ground of education. 
The causes of Teacher burnout
After reading and researching some educators, I developed the following list of possible causes of teacher burnout: 
o   An extreme number of responsibilities and  instruction  
o   A lack of facilities in the schools
o   A lack of administrative support 
o   An over-emphasis on standardized testing 
o   Evaluation of teachers based on standardized testing scores 
o   Increasingly difficult student behaviour with increases in frequency and severity 
o   Home lives of children that teachers cannot control 
o   A lack of personnel/proper staffing 
o   Forcing teachers to teach outside of the area of expertise 
o   Irregular schedule
o   Inadequate prep time 
o   Extreme amounts of paperwork 
o   A lack of respect for the profession  
o   Challenging interactions with parents 
o   Hard responsibilities of the teachers
o   A lack of resources 
o   A lack of training for new initiatives and technology 
School leaders should understand teacher burnout in order to support teachers.  The objective of the study was to identify and understand the issue of teacher burnout and how it affects classroom learning and communication between parents and administrators.  The support system is based on administrators supporting and providing opportunities for collaboration as well as empowering teachers to problem solve.  All students need teachers who are highly qualified and emotionally prepared to give them the tools they need to succeed. It is dangerous to define burnout and understand how it impacts teacher attrition. 
Teachers’ facilities

Teacher turnover is very costly and risky for financial statements.  To attract and recruit teachers, districts need to be able to offer incentives, such as competitive salaries, tuition reimbursement, workshop and health care packages for their families.  It is most important to give all the facilities to the teachers in order to increase the level of education. Teacher tenure and retention are now based on student performance scores on state-mandated tests that are standards in any state.

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