How To Protect Your Personal Information Online

Privacy is an increasingly exceptional commodity these days.  You can search for yourself on; you will be surprised at the number of companies that are providing you with information about your family, income, address, phone number and much more. That is because, your personal information such as email address, phone number and social security number, are valuable to legitimate business and bad guys alike. All these bad guys are stealing from yours. Many companies also want to know about your personal data.

Do not fill your social media profile
The more information you share online, it is going easier for someone who wants to take your personal information. So, it is a most important method that you should follow in order to protect your personal information. You should not fill out your social media profile. Take a look on your social media account and keep them barren. Do not share your birth date, email address and phone number in your profile.
Choose a special security number _ even the last 4 digits
Think twice about sharing your personal security number with anyone, unless it’s your bank, a credit bureau and a company. You should take all the information before entering a password.  If someone wants to steal your personal information, he will not be able to steal it. It is another and best method to protect your personal information. You should be choosy while you are selecting a password of your account. You should enter at least 4 digits.
Lock down your hardware
You should set up your PC to require a password when it wakes from sleep or boosts up. You should trust the people who are living in your house.  The same thing is important for your mobile devices. You should set a password on your mobile if you want to save your mobile. Do not make your mobile and devices overloaded. They can prevent criminals from stealing your personal data. You want to double up your protection, you should install different apps. This will be beneficial for you in the future.
Turn on private browsing
If you do not want anyone with physical access to your computer, you should enable “private browsing”. It is a setting that is very beneficial for you.  You should turn your private browsing. It is another best method to protect your personal information.
Use two-factor authentication
You can install many apps on your mobile. However, you should setup factors that are authentication. It means you will log in all the apps that are specific to you.  Use a strong password for your apps. You should install app lock; it will protect all your personal information.
Set up a Google alert for your name
This is a very beneficial way to keep an eye on your personal information. You should set up a Google alert in your PC as well as Mobiles. Google will send you all the information on your page. It is another best way to protect your personal information.

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