What is Organizational Culture and Leadership?

When you talk about organizational culture and leadership, it is a classic reference for managers and students look for a deep understanding of the interrelationship of organization, its culture and the role that leadership plays in an organization. With the passage of time and better results organization culture and leadership has become very important and this is become a popular concept that has led to a variety of research and implementations by various organizations to see how dynamic leadership gets better results.
In an organization special Emphasis is given to the role of leadership because it can play a very a role in helping organizations move forward and the people working with the net achieve better goals. It becomes very important in an organization to manage the cultural at each stage and make sure that all the people belonging to various backgrounds and nationalities come together and work harmoniously to produce better outcome.

It would not be wrong to say that organizational culture can be defined by how people inside any particular organization interact with each other. Culture is learned behavior and organizational culture is created by the action of people working together in an environment. When people from various cultures and environments come together and work together, they might have problems or misunderstandings but it is with help of the right leadership and organization that these cultural differences can be overcome and better results can be obtained.

The Impact of Leaders on Culture
Leaders can have a big impact on culture of any organization as they can affect the performance of the team members and eventually their organizations in the long run. Leaders are the trend setters within the organizations that help the other members of the team strive for excellence and work together to achieve better success rate.

It is because leaders shape the way people think and they are often looked upon by others as role models and junior employees look around to see how their leaders are behaving. in any company or organization, it is a great leader who has the spirit to make things work and an organization can do really well because leaders not only set the agenda but the influence the organization’s culture and increase long term effectiveness too with their bright ideas, impressive body language and ability to take people forward in the right direction.

Leadership helps to shape up culture while culture in turn shapes leadership while the main purpose of both remains the same that is drive better performance. Here it is important to understand organizational culture and leadership and how they work together to achieve aims and objectives together.

With the passage of time organizations and employers are getting to understand the importance of culture and leadership in organizations and they are coming up with better ideas to employee the right people who have leadership and organizational skills to develop cultures that are more productive and benefit the employees. It is only when they foster a better environment that they can look forward to better results in their organization and promote a culture that is mutually benefitting. 

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